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Australian Dagmar and Englishman Glenn met in 2011 whilst studying mediumship at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College in England.

After visiting each other’s countries a couple of times, and continuing a relationship via Skype, Glenn moved to Australia in 2012.

Glenn has a background in investment banking, having spent many years following a career, before recognizing his calling was helping others through his sensitivities. However, his banking experience gave him a strong drive for integrity and clarity, not to mention a financial security, unlikely to be matched by spiritual work. His spiritual pathway started with learning meditation techniques at a local Spiritual Development group where he got the opportunity to develop psychic and mediumship skills. Alongside this, he was making repeated study visits to the College of Psychic Studies in London and The Arthur Findlay college. His pathway then took him on to Spiritualist church services and subsequently through to larger theatre demonstrations of mediumship. He was continuing to study mediumship and was getting calls to work in the USA, mostly in New England, but also down to New Jersey.

He was told he was being made redundant from his banking work in 2009, which was perfectly aligned for his meeting with Dagmar. This allowed him to take the bold step of selling everything, and moving across the seas to build a new career with his wife to be.

Dagmar has been reading professionally for clients for more than 15 years, but she has had this gift since a very young age, having a deep knowing that is not explainable by logic.

She has worked professionally for many years at expos, theatres and on TV, and shows compassion and understanding in her healing work.  Her background is also in the corporate world, working for many years as an Executive Assistant and she has studied law.  She was in her 30s when she was prompted by her guides to follow her true calling, that of a psychic medium.

She is also a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist, as well as Reiki master and Counsellor. Her passion now is working with people so that they can move forward. “If I can make a positive difference in someone’s life, that gives me great satisfaction.”

She has studied at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England, and this is where she met Glenn.

Since arriving in Australia, Glenn and Dagmar have built a name for themselves for integrity, professionalism and a desire to carry out the lightwork with the highest and best of intentions. That is to bring clarity, guidance, healing and positivity to others. This was built through regular appearances on live national TV, running their own radio show, publishing articles in the wellbeing press, and appearing at holistic expos around Australia and the world. This experience has proved invaluable in helping them to help others.

They had both been working as psychic mediums independently for many years and their deep connection has proved invaluable as they lived and worked together. They were attending numerous expos around Australia, then the world, whilst loving time spent in California, working, and on vacation.

Their work encompassed appearances on live national TV in Australia, hosting their own radio show on Ask 1 Radio, publishing articles in the well being press and helping clients via private consultations (in person, and via phone/Skype) and at expos and public demonstrations.

Having appeared at many expos, they saw a need for integrity and professionalism across the spiritual industry, and recognized that this was in demand in California. A calling they had both felt was to move to the USA and start a business organizing expos with that core philosophy. Thus, Wholebeing Wellbeing was born.

Dagmar and Glenn try to bring the best, and most authentic practitioners of alternative (and traditional) healing together to help as many people as possible.

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