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Your Guide to the Brea Exhibitors and their Presentation Times

Debbie Nuccio Durrough

Debbie is a certified Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, and Reiki Drumming master teacher, a trained HealthRHYTHMS Empowerment Group Drumming facilitator, a Numerologist, an IMPART certified psychic/healer, an intuitive artist/teacher, a Color & Sound Therapy teacher, a Feng Shui Consultant and the creator of TUNE IN TO Your Inner Artist and Spiritual Senses, the Magic of Color and Sound and the author of her soon to be released book, TUNE IN.

Debbie facilitates a variety of holistic certification classes, workshops and/or events at the historical Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona, BOTI Studio in Anaheim, the Riverside Office On Aging in Riverside, the Sacred Journey in Riverside, Source Studio in Riverside and at a variety of spiritual centers, senior living communities, memory care facilities and wellness fairs. All of Debbie’s Classes, Events & Readings support Creative Self-Expression, Self-Empowerment, Psychic Development and Wellness.

The participants in my classes and drumming circles are from all walks of life striving to strengthen their ability to TUNE IN to their  Inner Wisdom (intuition), Inner Rhythms (creativity), and Inner Healer.  Many also vibrate to the drum and discover how easy it is to TUNE IN to their Inner Drummer”


Facebook:  Debbie’s Classes;  Debbie Nuccio Durrough

Opening Drumming Ceremony and Festival Blessing: 9:45am

Presentation: Numerology Workshop at 12:00 noon

Sharifah Hardie

Sharifah Hardie, also known as Ask Sharifah, is a Long Beach, CA based business consultant, spiritual advisor, motivational speaker, radio host, entrepreneur and business owner. She has over 25 years of experience working with clients in the areas of business and spirituality. She can help you make money online, host your own radio show, start your own business, work from home, or just simply live the life you always dreamed of.




Special Presentation: Live Radio Show from 10am to 12 noon in the Ballroom Annex

Total Health Mastery – with Arnoux Goran

Why Your Life is the Way it is – Ending The Cause of Repeating Patterns in Your Life
• You know how you try to change things in your life but the same issues keep coming up … they don’t have to!

• Find out WHY this happens … the first step in permanently changing these patterns!

• You have always believed that you could make your dreams come true … but there was no one to show you how, until now.

• Learn the science of how life is manifested … and how to create what you want from your heart and soul. You’ll no longer be a victim to circumstance.

Many time author, Arnoux Goran, is the Founder of Total Health Mastery an original health education system created after being told by his doctors that he would never recover and would certainly die he cured himself of several “incurable” diseases and went on to design the seminar series that changes and saves lives.  Clients of Total Health Mastery regularly achieve results most people would consider impossible.  Arnoux is the inventor of The 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself, The 5 Step Emotional Eraser, How to Cleanse the Body Without Cleansing Reactions and How to Overcome Addictions Without Willpower.  To get a complimentary copy of Arnoux’s book “The TOP 50 Health Secrets” visit


Special Presentation: 3pm to 5pm in the Olinda Room


Julie Lenhert

Julie Lenhert is a Virtual Care Consultant Pro, a mobile health care service.

Did you know that:

70% of all acute care, urgent care and ER visits can be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video?

91% of health outcomes were rated to be as good or better when using a telehealth technology like EpicMD?

The average cost of an urgent care visit is around $155 for each individual visit? With EpicMD, there are no charges of any kind beyond your monthly membership.

On average, patients spend more that 2 hours waiting when going to the ER or urgent care? EpicMD’s patients typically are speaking with a doctor in less than 30 minutes.

Come and speak to Julie about the benefits of this Mobile Healthcare Service.


Presentation: 10.30am in the Olinda Room


Glenn Bryant

Glenn Bryant English Psychic Medium and healer. His aim is to provide proof of survival and healing messages from our loved ones in the Spirit World, and guidance with day to day issues e.g. relationships/finances/career through my psychic sensitivities and using the Tarot. He is also a qualified Reiki master and Spiritual healer/teacher.

He has worked on the theatre and Spiritualist church circuit in England for many years and regularly demonstrates mediumship to large audiences at expos and public functions. He has appeared regularly on Psychic TV in Australia and hosted radio shows offering live on-air readings. He provides private one to one consultations, gallery demonstrations, corporate events, parties, Reiki, tuition and development workshops. He has been aware of the Spirit World since early childhood and has always considered it an honor to work for them.

He has been working professionally for many years and is now based in Southern California, having worked and demonstrated across the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, India, Egypt, New Zealand and the USA.



Special Presentation: 1:00pm  in the Olinda Room – Gallery of Mediumship with Dagmar Bryant

Renee Moritz

Whether you seek closure with an animal that has crossed over, better understanding your pet’s needs, healing from trauma, or the most mutually-supportive relationship possible with your pet Reneé can help.

With her authentic, spiritual approach, Reneé offers you the opportunity to share a conversation with your animals; leading to a better understanding of their needs, their mission in life, and how they are trying to help you. By seeing the longings of animals’ souls and sensing their emotions, she has the unique gift of transforming the deeper human-to-animal connection. Whether your pet is living or deceased, animal communication allows for a conversation between a human soul and an animal soul that is achieved telepathically, in the same way that animals communicate with one another.

Presentation: 11:30am in the Olinda Room


Diana Ralys

Diana Ralys is a licensed esthetician, clinical oncology esthetics practitioner, founder and owner of Radiance Wellness Spa, Diana Ralys Skin Health product formulator, Integrative Health Coach, Board Certified Holistic Drugless Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Author of #1 best selling book “Your Health is Your Beauty”.

Healthy glowing skin represents beauty and boosts confidence. However, it can be quite challenging to navigate endless options for skin care products and facial treatments. You are not alone. Many people, including skin therapists are feeling the same frustration. “Where do I start? How do I choose? How can I discern the difference between integrity and hype?”

Diana brings her research, practice and expertise to address these questions and many other concerns to empower you with knowledge that will open new possibilities and deeper understanding what it takes to achieve truly healthy and glowing beauty.


Presentation: 12 noon in the Olinda Room


Dagmar Bryant

Dagmar Bryant is an Australian Psychic Reader and Medium as well as a qualified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression practitioner. She has worked on live TV and radio shows, and regularly appears at expos and festivals around the world, doing one to one readings and demonstrations of mediumship. She has worked across the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

When working on a psychic level, she works intuitively with her guides to help provide clients with guidance and clarity. Many people just want to know where life is going, what is happening in the future? Are they on track? When connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world, she provides evidence of their ongoing presence around you and any messages they may have for you.

“My overall philosophy is providing healing and wellbeing so that you, the client, are able to make empowering decisions for yourself.”

She has been reading professionally for clients for more than 15 years, but has had this gift since a very young age. She has studied in England at the Arthur Findlay College and runs classes in Psychic and Mediumship Development, Tarot, Reiki and Meditation groups.
She is available for private and group readings, tarot parties and corporate events.



Special Presentation: 1:00pm in the Olinda Room –  Gallery of Mediumship with Glenn Bryant



Diana Spirithawk

Diana Spirithawk will be exhibiting her ceremonial art, such as prayer feathers, medicine bags, dreamcatchers, beaded earrings, and of course her very own book, Handbook for Fairy Godmothers.

Come and see her give a free presentation on self love and working with the subconscious.


Presentation: 2pm in the Olinda room





Jose Diaz

Inner Knowledge Therapy

Do you struggle with mixed emotions; sometimes fight with your own feelings and thoughts to the point that you do not know what to think or do? Have you looked for help but do not know where to get it? Inner knowledge therapy us a form of healing where Jose uses a pendulum; by the guidance of angels, to clean all the negative programmed energy and emotions: depression, bitterness, self-esteem, jealousy, temperament, trapped emotions, negative spirits and black magic. While cleaning the negativity, Jose creates harmonization of the chakras and auras to heal the inner child. Jose can also cleanse your home of negative energy and the home energy using Feng Shui,


Prana Health Chiropractic

Dr. Abbey Hernandez, D.C., believes in the body’s capability to heal itself through the power of chiropractic adjustment. That philosophy is embodied in Prana Health Chiropractic, located in Huntington Beach, CA.

A graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Dr. Abbey performs specific spinal adjustments to a diverse population, specializing in prenatal, post-natal, and pediatric patients. She emphasizes that health is multi-faceted and needs to be addressed in several different areas such as regular chiropractic care, proper nutrition, functional movement, ample rest, and positive mental attitude.

Dr. Abbey works with patients of all ages, but working with mothers and their young children is truly her passion. “I love focusing on children and mothers’ needs because I believe every person deserves a chance to live fully connected lives,” Dr. Abbey said. “Providing healing adjustments on the spine is vital to the well-being of the nervous system, especially for mothers who are expecting. Chiropractic adjustments also allow a child’s developing brain to speak directly to the rest of the body without interference, which is important for healthy development.”

Prana Health Chiropractic’s philosophy is utilizing the body’s innate vital force and helping patients to harness that power to heal their body of toxins, trauma, and the daily stresses of life.

Dr. Abbey’s wellness approach involves complete one-on-one attention. “My goal is to educate others on various methods to stay healthy and live a full life through the healing power of chiropractic,” Dr. Abbey states. “I want people to feel empowered and to be able to take charge of their health so they can live fully enriched lives. That is the cornerstone of Prana Health: to enlighten, empower, and enrich patients.”


Presentation: 2:30pm in the Ballroom Annex

Aqueelah Richmond

Dr. Aqueelah Richmond M. D. is an Arbonne International Independent Consultant and District Manager.

Aqueelah is licensed by the California Medical Board and is a Family Medicine Board Certified Physician with additional certification in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Her medical practice primarily consists of tending to the home based needs of patients suffering from end stage, chronic disease and diagnosing and treating Dementia.

Over the years, my passion for prevention and health educating has led me to lead a series of talks focused on the needs of my community.” These include: “Caring for the Caregiver”, “Preventing and Reversing Disease through an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle”, etc. In these discussions, I teach what “Inflammation” is and how Anti-Inflammatory Diets, Skincare and Makeup are integral in preventing and reversing ALL disease processes. Additional topics covered include: What is acidity vs. alkalinity, and how does that affect our health? Why do I have cravings? Why do most “diets” fail?


Presentation: 12:30pm in the Ballroom Annex


Designs by Veronica

Veronica has been a jeweler and craftsman of fine jewelry for over 24 years. Her specialty is gemstones in high quality sterling silver settings.

When asked what her favorite part about the business was she said, “I enjoy helping people make meaningful selections. You can tell by the happiness you see on their faces. Finding pieces that resonate with each individual, knowing later they become keepsakes.”

Veronica is a retail vendor carrying a variety of pieces including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, chains, toe rings and anklets.





BOTI Studios

At BOTI Studios, our mission is to provide and expand high quality services to our clients, promoting balance and wellbeing. With awareness of this, we remember it’s about the experience to the individual.

Lucinda Collis, is a Certified Usui Ryoho & Crystal Reiki MT, Certified Crystal Reader, Gifted Psychic & Energy Healer. Teaches Reiki all levels in two modalities, does mind blowing Tarot Readings, shifts energy through aura/chakra balancing, crystal and art therapy in Mandala meditations. I’m sure you’ve guessed this would be the WooWoo aspect.


  • Reiki sessions for people as well as animals; can be in person or distance
  • Classes & Certification in Usui Ryoho Reiki/Crystal Reiki-MT
  • Chakra Balancing-Aura Cleansing
  • Art Therapy
  • Psychic Healing & Coaching

Jenice Eckhart, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki MT trained in Emotion-Code, NLP and Ho’oponoopono. With use of these modalities and others, she has developed a special practice called EBR (Emotional Baggage Release) with superb results and represents most of our Wellness.

• Hypnosis for smoking cessation-stress reduction-weight loss-fears and phobias
• Neuro Tapping
• Reiki sessions for people as well as animals; can be in person or distance



Sharon Joseph

Sharon Shlomeet Joseph is a Channeler, a best selling Author, a Multidimentional Communicator and an Energy Healer for humans and animals.

Sharon communicates with animals and deciphers their message, and uses her Medical Intuition skills to scan humans and pets for any energy blocks, or imbalances in the body.

When one is at a fork in the road, and does not know which direction to take, Sharon channels with a collective of non-physical beings and communicates through a person’s higher-self, to help look at life from a wiser perspective, and to point out the highest and best way to take.

She also takes groups on trips around the world to different animal rescue camps.




Cynthia Vermiglio-Klement

Cynthia Vermiglio-Klement started her spiritual journey after tragically losing a close friend.  She has taken numerous classes in Psychic and Healing Arts and has been studying mediumship these past 7 years.  She has been very fortunate to study from well known mediums as well as tutors from the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science in England.  Cynthia shares her knowledge with those interested in developing their own intuition and leads psychic and mediumship development circles in Brea at 6th House Psychic and Solar Lotus Healing Center in Downey.




Buddhamouse Emporium – Charlotte Cousins

Located in Downtown Claremont, California, Buddhamouse Emporium is a peaceful haven that offers a wide range of ritual objects, spiritual statuary, inspirational music and books, artistic creations, and unique jewelry.

They are also a Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Meditation center where facilitators can offer workshops and holistic events.



Presentation: 12:30pm in the Olinda Room



Vibrate Fitness

Vibrate Fitness offer one of the most efficient forms of exercise on the market today: vibration fitness with a selection of platform machines for home and office.

“What are these vibration machines supposed to do?”

In 10-minute sessions you get fit. It’s fun, fast and easy.  It’s simple!  You get on with your day without eating up a lot of your precious time and energy.  As you get stronger, you can increase the number of sessions per day.  Imagine finishing your day with a relaxing 10-minute massage to pull stress right out of your body and mind.

Muscle fibers contract and release in response to the vibration of the plate.  This action takes place in a millisecond and is experienced as “jiggling” not as an aggressive contraction of entire muscle groups.  It feels pleasant.  Tone muscles, easy on joints, using low impact vibration.

Come and try out some of our machines at the expo.




Judy Hersch

Judy Hersch is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant.

“We help you learn how to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential and power. We already know that you’ve experienced flashes of intuitive knowledge and big thinking that has you wondering just how far you could go if only…

We’re here to help you stir up that innate knowing and self-trust already instilled deep in your soul. We help you forge forward when the “old you” would rather give up and turn back.”

Come and see Judy give a free presentation offering an opportunity to define, design, and experience your vision of a life you would love to be living – and receive the blueprint for how to turn your greatest possibility into reality.


Presentation: 3:00pm in the Ballroom Annex


Annette Caballero

Annette Caballero has partnered with David Gilmore, founder of Fiji Water, to share health and wellness products that will make you look and feel amazing.

At the expo, she will be exhibiting a wide range of natural health supplements and weight loss products.

Her journey to Wakaya Perfection started in 1984 when a close family member was diagnosed with liver cancer.  Since then she has researched and experimented with natural and holistic remedies to live a healthy life, stay mentally sharp and gain financial stability at the same time.

Webpage/Facebook: TBA


Hannah d’Or

Hannah d’Or is a certified Esoteric Acupuncturist .
Her list of healing skills is extensive –  She studied and trained as an Usui Reiki Master, is both an ICRT and IARP member, a Certified Crystal Healer under Hibiscus Moon, and Kabbalah.
She is certified in Esoteric Acupuncture by Tom Ledder, using the Selenite Swords of Light for Merkabah for Light Activations,
In addition to other Activations for her client’s wellbeing.
Hannah has always connected with crystals and gemstones throughout her life, creating jewelry and grids, intuitively inspired by her clients and her higher source.
She loves bringing light, joy and laughter to all. She has facilitated classes at the Temple of Light, Irvine, as well as a variety of locations sharing her gifts and love of crystal healing.


Presentation: 11:00am in the Olinda Room



Maria Lomeli

Maria Lomeli is an Intuitive Quantum Energy Healer, QHHT & Shamanic Reiki Practitioner.

She is also a channel for Galactic and Deep Sea DNA activations, which allow for expansion of consciousness.
Maria combines her training and intuitive guidance to assist you in releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs. As these are released you experience a reconnection with your inner power, a deep sense of peace and overall wellbeing.




Presentation: 3:30pm in the Ballroom Annex with Karen Sommers


Karen Sommers

Karen Sommers combines her psychic senses and her Angelic connection with her professional training, to help you find your path to peace, health, healing, happiness and loving yourself.

Karen will work with you to remove old emotional blocks & patterns that stop you from creating the life you desire.


Presentation: 3:30pm in the Ballroom Annex with Maria Lomeli




Carla Weis

Carla will be providing DNA Light Activations at the expo to enlighten you and transform your healing.

“I am dedicated to your spiritual progression and the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. Through the enlightenment of you as an individual, I strive to create a wave of change for the betterment of humanity and all beings on the planet.”


Presentation: 4:00pm in the Ballroom Annex



Jacob Moore

Jacob Moore is an International Meditation Specialist and Teacher.

Jacob has always had a deep and inherently intuitive connection with the mystical side of reality. His personal experiences living and travelling overseas and at home have provided him insight into the different energies each person carries within them on their journeys.

By teaching meditation and life skill classes internationally, I seeks to aid others in finding their own inner peace, expression of Self, and connection with the Divine in however way they may find it.”


Presentation: 4:30pm in the Ballroom Annex


Dr Jerome Ri

Dr Jerome Ri is a chiropractor in Orange County.

His practice, Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, is designed to find the CAUSE of the problem you’re experiencing, not simply addressing the SYMPTOMS. While most people consider Chiropractic to be a treatment for conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc., its true purpose is to locate, detect, and correct the true cause of these problems and allow the body to heal itself naturally by clearing the body of any interference in the nervous system.



Nand Hirjani

Nand Harjani of Creative Life Sciences will be at the expo selling education programs, specifically: introductory material for workshops and class registrations; taking appointments for services; nutritional supplements,

As Energy Masters, they guide and train individuals to lead lives that have more effective connections with the understanding, balancing, and utilization of Universal energies, intelligences, and truths.



Sage Feather

We are very fortunate to be able to exhibit and sell 3 of Sage’s exquisite necklaces at the expo.

Sage creates these pieces divinely and channels energy into each piece.

See information below for more information on the pieces. If you are divinely guided to one of them, come and see us at the registration desk.




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