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We want to make these expos as successful as we can. Not just for you, but for your clients, all visitors and attendees. As such, we would like you to observe a few guidelines to make this a positive experience for all.

Payment for booths MUST be completed in advance. A receipt will be issued to you, along with confirmation email to confirm your booking.

Arriving on the day to buy a stall will be allowed, but please remember that stalls may have sold out. There will also be a small additional fee applied to late booking.

We ask that you are considerate to all other exhibitors.

Standing outside of your stall dragging people away from other exhibitors will not be tolerated. This applies physically, but also energetically.

Bringing animals or children to events MUST be agreed upon IN ADVANCE with Dagmar or Glenn.

Please keep unnecessary noise down. This includes cell phones, singing bowls, chimes, talking and music. Remember, a lot of exhibitors need to get into their energetic space by meditating before an event. Please be considerate.

During the event, psychics and mediums need to manage energetic connections that could change the course of someone’s life. Please remember that hovering around their stall, or interrupting them could jeopardize that connection. Please be respectful, and do not walk too close to them or their stalls while they are working.

If you feel that you cannot work in a particular location, we may be able to move you to an alternative. This cannot be guaranteed, but we understand that personalities clash. We will do our best to accommodate you, as we want this to be a positive experience for all.

Please arrive for set up of your stall no later than 20 minutes before the expo opens. This is so that you are ready to greet your visitors as soon as the doors open. It looks unprofessional to be setting up as visitors walk through the doors.

Despite attendance figures, we expect you to remain at the expo until the end of the event. If you need to leave early, we understand, but please ask for verbal permission first.

We expect a dress level appropriate to the occasion. Exposed flesh can be distracting, looks tacky and whilst you may think you look good, others may not. Please use your own discretion, and if in any doubt, please consult with Glenn or Dagmar if you are unsure.

You are expected to do your own promotion of the events you attend. Whilst every effort is made to grow attendance figures, in terms of marketing, if we all promote the events, it can only be beneficial for all. Please ensure websites and Instagram/Facebook (and other social media) accounts are up to date.

We want to bring a positive experience for our visitors. As such, predictions of bad news/events will NOT be tolerated. If someone leaves feeling worse than they did upon entering, that is OUR responsibility. The focus of our events is to move people forwards, or bring healing, not to leave them with worry.

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